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Q. Are there any setup fees for my account?

A. No, we do not charge any setup fees for our hosting plans or reseller plans.

Q. What if I need to upgrade my account plan?

A. It's easy. You go to the Account Management Area and complete the necessary information and we will upgrade that plan.

Q. Am I charged a fee when I upgrade or add any additional options?

A. No. Outside of the additional cost to add up to the cost of the new plan or option, we do not charge any other fees.

Q. How do you handle technical support?

A. We provide an extensive manual that will assist you through the setup of your account as well as assist you in future administration of your account. We do not provide technical support for non-server issues, however our manual does cover many instructions for different setups. We also have a Webmasters Resource section where you can find links to all sorts of help on the Internet. When you do have a server issue, these requests are handled using our online Technical Support Request Form, there is a link to this form throughout the pages of our site in the left menu. Support request must be submitted using this form or your request will go unanswered.

Does it take a long time for you to answer support request?

Most support request are answered within just a few hours. However, you need to keep in mind that we do not provide technical support for non-server issues for either our regular hosting clients or our reseller's, and we will not respond to such requests. With that said, if any major problems ocurr with our servers, we can assure you, are being addressed before you even contact us. Sometimes things take longer to fix than what we would like and bombarding us with support requests doesn't aid in making the problem go away any sooner. If everyone can understand that servers are only machines then they can also understand that they are not immuned to breakdowns no more than any other machine in the world.

Q. What about billing, how do I pay for my account?

A. When you sign up an account you will have the choice to pay for that account using a check or your credit card. When you select your payment option, you will be forwarded to the forms where you provide your credit card or checking account information. This is a very secure process as long as you select the secure version of our form when you initially request to sign up your account. Once you complete that form your credit card or checking account is automatically debited each month on the anniversary of that date each month.

Q. What if I want to cancel my account?

A. This is easy too. You enter the Account Management Area and select Cancel An Account. You then cancel the billing process for that account with Worm-Hole Network using the order number that they provided you at the time of your order. It's all really very easy. Unlike other companies on the Internet, we do not put you through a bunch of red tape to get your account canceled - we believe that is a tacky way to do business.

Q. I understand that my credit card will automatically be billed each month, but what happens if I do not have enough credit to cover the charges?

A. Most people know how much credit they have on their credit cards and we count on that. In the event that the charges will not process, Worm-Hole Network will submit an email to you telling you that you need to handle the matter before the days business ends. In the event that its not taken care of, your account will be deactivated.

Q. How does your 30 day money back guarantee?

A. In the event that you become unhappy with our services within 30 days of your account activation, simply visit our Account Management Area and select Cancel An Account and provide us with the necessary information. You then call the 800 number provided to you by Domain Web Hosting and using the order number that they provided you when you initially ordered your account. Your credit card is not credited the amount of you paid for your account. As soon as we receive your
cancellation request, we send you a check for the amount you paid for your account that same day - as we said, we are not in the business of putting you through a bunch of red tape - We value you as a human being, not just as a customer!

Q. What type of support do you not provide?

A. We DO NOT provide technical support for non-server issues, i.e. 3rd party software, scripts, html, or anything used to design or build your web pages. We ONLY provide technical for server related issues. We recommend that you review our Policies, Guidelines, and Disclaimer for more detail.

Q. Now that you mentioned it, how do you deal with accounts that have violated your policies?

A. You will receive a notice and given a deadline for the problem to be resolved. If the deadline is not met, your account will be deactivated. This rule does not apply for accounts violating our Spamming policy. Spammers are deleted without prior notice and WITHOUT THE OPTION of being reactivated on our servers.

Q. What do I do if I want to activate another account with you?

That's an easy one too! You visit the Account Management Area and select Add or Upgrade an Account, and provide us the necessary information to setup the new account. Once your new account is setup, you will receive an email from us with the necessary information to log into your account just as you did when you set your first account up.

Q. What about InterNIC fees? Are these fees included in the price of the hosting fees?

A. No we do not pay any InterNIC fees for any accounts. We would go broke and be out of business if we did this. It is your responsibility to pay your InterNIC fees. You can visit our Domain Registration FAQ's section to view more information in regards to fees and the registration process.

Q. Speaking of registering domain names, do you handle that for us?

A. Yes, we handled the registration of your new domain name or the transfer process of your existing domain free of charge. You are still responsible for the InterNIC fees which is $40 for the first 2 years and $20 each year thereafter.

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